The first upgradable reflection-defi token
Moongame is looking to be a place for entertainment, relaxation or a hangout. It’s also considered a profitable investment.
Moongame combines excitement and investment opportunities with games and finance.
We strive to not only deliver fun and exciting games, but at the same time, give the opportunity to our new investors with how and what will happen whilst investing their money in moongame.
Moongame is built on the bsc ecosystem - multi - use ecosystem with many users.
We are ambitious to create the largest i-m gaming foundation in the world, bringing attractive profits to all investors alike.
We incorporate blockchain technology into all our games on the system, helping build transparency through process and fairness.
The technology that moongame owns is also helping build our own blockchain.
Connecting with the underlying betting systems helps with big advantages such as: easily incorporating new games, taking small commissions, the minimum and the instant.