The first upgradable reflection-defi token
MoonGame is a Binance Smart Chain token that began humbly as a reflection token to BNB. In this document, read about MoonGame's functions not just as a reflection support token for BNB, but as a full fledged passive income true defi platform.
MoonGame takes the BNB slogan "Game to the Moon" and recontextualizes it to the current conditions of the Binance Smart Chain. In the hope of restoring the trust and harm that has been done to crypto in these last few months, MoonGame is here to take you "Safely back to the moonโ€ through a risk-free reflection program called RBLOs that builds upon existing frictionless yield opportunities.
This Gitbook goes into detail on each mechanism, its function and how it works as part of the overall passive income system. An additional deep dive is done into the smart contracts that make it all possible
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